Best Top Load Washing Machine For Your Home

As consumers shopping for a washing machine, we demand that they be energy efficient, fast, effective and budget-friendly because there are too many options out there to simply pick the washer with the best commercial. Top loading washing machines are the mainstay in laundry rooms and with modern updates they continue to be great choices. Here are three of the best top load washing machines for the informed consumer.

Whirlpool is one of the oldest and most trusted names in appliances, but that’s not the reason their Cabrio WTW7300 ranks supreme in the land of the no-bend, top-loading washers. It’s 5.0 cubic foot basin allows you to tackle your largest loads. The Energy Star rating is backed by the Energy Monitor that has been added to this unit to show you just how much more efficient this model is over the neighbor’s average and outdated model. This washer is quiet and can be run worry free as you unwind at the end of the day with a glass of wine or a movie.

The LG WT5101 is another great pick and has the hot new feature that everyone wants, an internal water heater. Not only can you shower at the same time, water temperature reaches 158 degrees during this model’s sanitation cycle to give your clothes, sheets and towels the cleanest clean they’ve ever gotten. Another upgrade on this unit is the auto-dispense feature. Auto-dispensing allows you to add your laundry enhancing products at the beginning and the machine dispenses them at the appropriate time. No more running to the washer when you realize you may be too late to add the bleach!

General Electric proves to be putting their engineers’ imagination to work on their WHRE5550. With 22 unique wash cycles and high capacity, there is no load too big or too small for this washer. This machine takes the guesswork out of doing laundry and selects the appropriate water temperature for the load size and style and then spins it near dry which means less time in the dryer.

Picking out your next washing machine is not something that anyone generally wants to spend a lot of time on because chances are the reason you’re shopping is because you need a replacement and only have a pair of sweatpants clean. If a top-loading washer is what you prefer, don’t be swayed by sneaky salespeople pushing front loaders to make a little extra on their commission. Consult the spec sheets and this list of the best top loading washing machines.

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